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– USED Auto-Sert Hardware Inserting Presses

– Tooling Design Solutions for difficult hardware insertion jobs

– Long-lasting manual & automatic Tools (S-7 tool steel, hardened )  to replace worn or broken tooling

– Service (including upgrades with touch screen, etc.) for USED Auto-Sert presses

– Quick Delivery for Parts / Components for your USED Auto-Sert press

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USED AS-7.5 press

HPSI Shuttle Delivery System
HPSI 4-Way Rotating Tool
Tooling: S-7 hardened

Bill Simon, President of HPSI

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Phone:  651-635-9097

FAX:  651-556-2356

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Special diameter manual tooling:

 3/4″ dia. – 6-3/4 long;

1″ dia. – 4-3/4″ long and 2-3/4″ long.

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What kind of fastening solutions do you need for better productivity?

 Bill Simon of HPSI specializes in problem-solving and trouble-shooting.  He has designed many special tools (manual and automatic) over the years – with QUICK delivery.

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HPSI keeps many Auto-Sert press components and tools in stock for immediate shipment.

Need an electronic counter, air filter, hydraulic items, flexible hardware tubing for auto feed, heavy duty foot pedal, laser light locator, etc.?  Call HPSI first.

Flexible Tubing for Automatic Tooling

Hardware Press Sales, Inc. (HPSI) has been a family-owned business since 1990.

  We appreciate our many loyal customers – like you!

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